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The cost of living crisis

The SYDNI Centre were pleased to support the recent Cost of Living Event that took place in the local Pump Rooms

Chef preparing food

An informative event for those struggling in the current times and the start of a new initiative at the centre.

Organised by Warwick District Council. Adam, our new Café Assistant, delivered a very popular cookery workshop.

He advised on how to cook on a low budget and demonstrated a very tasty soup that was not only cost effective but a healthy option for all of the family.

Participants were able to ask questions about cooking and how to eat healthy meals on a low budget. Adam has a wealth of knowledge, having worked in London with top chefs, and he is very approachable and caring.

SYDNI will be delivering cookery workshops as a new project supported by the WCC Councillor Grant and Warwick District Council to help people wanting to improve their cookery skills.