Welcome to the SYDNI Centre

SYDNI was created by local residents to offer their own community opportunities and support. The SYDNI Centre provides facilities for information, recreation, sport, education, leisure and has a fantastic Café. SYDNI provides a warm and welcoming environment free from prejudice that celebrates diversity for everyone.

Why not come in and enjoy a breakfast, lunch or just a coffee in the SYDNI Café. and explore what the SYNDI Centre has to offer.

Need to hire a room? Whether it’s a meeting, party, corporate training, leisure, sport, recreation or education? The SYDNI Centre has a range of different rooms to suit your needs at very competitive rates. Catering options are also available with your room hire. To find out more click here – hire a meeting room

Volunteer with us! Volunteers are essential to the operation and development of SYDNI’s services. For more information on our Volunteering Opportunities page and how to get involved, click here.

Feel free to get in touch with us any time, contact us here

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