Community Veg Bags

The SYDNI centre has been offering community veg bags since 2009. This started as a project to promote healthy eating in partnership with Action 21 and local Children’s Centres, it continued under South Warwickshire Local Foods and now is truly part of the SYDNI.

The idea is simple; we are able to buy in bulk using the £3.50 or £5.00 you pay for your bag. This means you get great value for your money (often half the price that you’d pay in a supermarket) and you may get to try things you may not have even thought about buying.

It’s a flexible scheme, so you don’t have to order every week. Simply dip in and out as you need and we’re always on hand with preparation and cooking tips or recipe ideas should you want them.

Each bag contains a range of seasonal fruit & vegetables packed weekly by volunteers .

  • Large bags – £5.00
  • Small Bags – £3.50
  • ½ dozen eggs £1.00.

To find out more or to order a bag, please call 01926 422071 or email