About Us

Welcome to The SYDNI CentreThe SYDNI Centre is in the heart of the Sydenham Estate in Leamington Spa.

Sydenham Neighbourhood Initiatives, or SYDNI for short, is a community-based initiative and was set up to address the issues particular to Sydenham, an estate with a population of approximately 5,000 residents. The residents are from many different countries each with a much loved cultural backgrounds.

SYDNI was created by local residents to offer their own community opportunities and support. The SYDNI Centre provides facilities for information, recreation, sport, education and leisure. SYDNI provides a warm and welcoming environment free from prejudice that celebrates diversity; whether you are coming to our community centre to have a coffee in SYDNI Café, joining in one of our projects or coming for corporate training.

Sydenham Neighbourhood Initiatives strive to respond to community need and to empower local residents in local decision making and in the future of our projects and facilities. Volunteers are essential to the operation and development of SYDNI’s services.

See the Volunteering Opportunities pages for more information on how to get involved.